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Investment Update


Second Quarter, 2023

U.S. and global equity markets continued to climb during the second quarter of 2023, while U.S. bonds generated low single-digit returns through the first half of the year.


2/27/23: Chief Investment Officer, Amy Raskin, talks bear case and bull case scenarios when looking at employment, inflation and the economy as market indicators. Listen to what she had to say on the CNBC Halftime Report.

Important Disclosures

Amy Raskin | CNBC | Halftime Report | February 27, 2023

2/27/23: Bear Case or Bull Case? With the economy and inflation running hot, Chief Investment Officer, Amy Raskin, explains what that means for the financial markets on CNBC Halftime Report.

Fourth Quarter, 2022

On the heels of 2022’s market turmoil, we see opportunity emerging in many quarters. Being nimble and discerning may be more important than ever. Read our Q4 Investment Update to learn more about our steadfast commitment to our thematic investment approach.