May we give you
our attention, please?

Chevy Chase Trust welcomes Susan G. Freed and Freed Advisors
to our team. Known for its financial acumen and commitment to
client satisfaction, Freed Advisors is the perfect complement to the
undivided attention and expertise you've come to expect from
Chevy Chase Trust.

Great minds
invest alike.

Chevy Chase Trust welcomes Amy Raskin to the team as our new
Chief Investment Officer. As a recognized thought-leader on global
economic trends, Amy's addition to the team will make a great
thing even better.

Invest in potential,
not probability.

Modern portfolio management is flawed by risk aversion and
arbitrary indexes. See what can happen when we quietly,
confidently look beyond the risks.

Invest in concepts,
not conventions.

We believe that macroeconomic trendsnot benchmarks,
boxes or bordersshould inform investment decisions.
Learn why this is more than just a good idea.

Invest in people,
not profits.

Weve created a culture that values service over products, long-term
goals over short-term quotas and your success over anything else.
Meet the people who work for you.

Different by Design

Finding trends. Looking beyond the expected. Pursuing potential. This
is investing the way it was always intended. So why aren’t more firms doing it?


your Experience Matters

Everything we do is focused on your success—as only you define it.

Investment Management
Planning & Fiduciary Services

Great Minds aren't Alike

Good ideas can come from anywhere. The key is finding the
right thinkers.

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