Our Approach

Before you invest, we invite you to buy in.

To appreciate our true value, investors must first understand the basic principles that separate Chevy Chase Trust from other investment management firms. The good news: when you look at the methodology, the motivation and the promise upon which we’ve built our reputation, you should find the common thread is actually common sense. While that hardly sounds revolutionary, it’s exactly what makes Chevy Chase Trust so extraordinary. And we think you’ll agree.

Investing in Themes

Advent of Molecular Medicine. Converging Consumer. Dawn of Heterogeneous Computing. Next-Generation Automation. These are the kinds of themes portfolio managers should be thinking about. Fortunately, thinking is what we do best.

Pursuing Potential

Financial security and an independent mindset mean we can avoid the pitfalls of institutionalized money management—and focus instead on achieving real returns for each client.

An Uncommon Result

Simply put, Chevy Chase Trust is built to place clients—and client success—over everything else. It’s a commitment to performance.