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The “Portable” Federal Estate Tax Exemption

The tax legislation enacted at the end of 2010, just before we were scheduled to return to a top federal estate and gift tax rate of 55% and an exemption of only $1 million, provided three significant changes in the federal estate and gift tax laws.

Oil in Latin America? Colombia Deserves a Look

Two months ago in our series of blogs on oil, I highlighted Canada and its oil sands as a niche area showing great potential. With the recent pullback in oil prices, there is another region, often overlooked by investors, that offers potential.

Planning Idea With New $5 Million Gift Tax Exemption

The tax bill enacted at the end of 2010 provides a $5 million exemption from federal gift tax for aggregate lifetime gifts ($10 million for a married couple). This exemption applies for 2011 and 2012, and is in addition to the $13,000 annual exclusion gifts that may be made free of federal gift tax every year.