Investing in Themes

What if you could invest in ideas?

Perhaps our single most important distinction is this: At Chevy Chase Trust, we invest in global themes. We build equity portfolios of companies positioned to exploit powerful, secular trends, disruptive ideas, innovations and economic forces. It’s more than a process. It’s a philosophy that lets us pursue the real potential in each client’s portfolio.

It might start with a discussion about the population shift from rural to urban areas. We might identify a trend in transforming technologies. Then, what begins as a simple, singular thought can lead to a pivotal investment strategy.

How it Works:

  • Study the global economy
  • Identify long-term secular trends
  • Invest across geographies, sectors, and market capitalizations
  • Limit risk organically through careful research and planning

Why it Works:

  • Capitalize on trends—when valuations are attractive
  • Use a macro view to prevent overreaction to market volatility
  • Look beyond the limitations of style, geography, and benchmarks
  • Create portfolios that can outperform in many different environments


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