Fixed Income

Fixed Income: doing what others can’t
(or won’t).

Our approach to fixed income strategies is simple: we create plans that seek to preserve capital and outpace inflation. Fixed income allocations balance the volatility in equity assets and provide reliable cash flow to meet income needs.

At Chevy Chase Trust, we think dependable, conservative fixed income investing shouldn’t be staid or uninspired. After all, our clients aren’t satisfied with “good enough.” So we push further. We dig deeper, and learn everything there is to know about income vehicles. It means uncovering value through creative strategies and structures. And it means taking the time to pursue opportunities that institutionalized money managers simply avoid or ignore.

As a result, our clients are surprised by what’s possible with an inspired methodology.

Our fixed income strategy includes:

  • Customizing portfolios for each client according to liquidity needs, income requirements
    and time horizons
  • Giving careful attention to each client’s tax situation
  • Considering asset classes, industry sectors and geography
  • Utilizing a diverse network of broker dealers to achieve best trade execution and
    price transparency
  • Focusing on high quality municipal and taxable fixed income instruments, with short and
    intermediate durations