Q & A | Frederick M. Hopkins, JD, CFA | Wealth Advisor

Tell us about your role here at Chevy Chase Trust.

As a Wealth Advisor, I take the lead in coordinating our advice and services across a host of specialized but related disciplines, such as investment management, financial, tax, and estate planning, liquidity planning, trust administration and philanthropic planning. It is my responsibility to ensure that we fully utilize our firm’s expertise and capabilities to best meet each client’s needs.


Tell us about your background.

I hold a Juris Doctor and am a CFA Charterholder, with over two decades experience in wealth management. Over time, my role has expanded from providing legal input on trust and tax planning for clients to broadly coordinating the input from our team of investment and planning professionals to ensure that each client receives integrated and comprehensive wealth management advice.

A Maryland native, I have lived near the Chesapeake Bay for all my life, apart from college in New England and a few years living and working in New York City. My wife and I are both from large families with deep ties to this area, and we enjoy spending as much free time as possible with family and friends by the water.


What led you to a career in financial services?

Growing up, I was influenced by several role models in my family who had interesting and gratifying careers in the financial services industry. My father was an attorney and CFA (one of the first in Maryland) who managed investments for clients ranging from local business owners to international foundations. From that perspective, it was a natural for me to pursue a degree in Economics when I started at Williams College, and to later obtain a Juris Doctor from the University of Maryland Law School – all of which put me on a path to my current role as a Wealth Advisor.


What’s the most rewarding part of the job?

I have always had a natural affinity for working with people in an advisory role. As a Wealth Advisor at Chevy Chase Trust, I enjoy making a difference in our clients’ lives by helping them navigate through the complexities of wealth management.


What makes Chevy Chase Trust different from other firms where you have worked?

Our private ownership structure is a fundamental differentiator. It allows us to take a long-term view and invest in our business based on what is best for our clients rather than short-term profitability. This is different from many publicly owned institutions, which focus on the short-term impact to the firm’s quarterly earnings.


Have you had a mentor and what are some lessons learned?

I have been fortunate to have several mentors over the course of my career, including senior managers, senior professionals, business development leaders, and friends. They have collectively imparted many lessons to me, but especially the importance of building relationships in life and work and balancing the technical aspects of any decision with sound common sense and a focus on the people side of the equation.


What are your interests in the community?

My current interests include the renovation and preservation of a historic Maryland home and serving on the Investment Committee for the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.


What advice would you give to someone considering a career in investment management/financial services?

Formal training in certain technical areas is extremely helpful, but I believe that it is equally important to focus on critical thinking and people skills.


Considering all the people with whom you have worked, what are the most important attributes for success?

Early in my career, I viewed intellectual curiosity and hard work as key attributes for success. Over time I have expanded the list to include a healthy degree of humility, a sense of humor, perseverance, and the enjoyment of working with people.


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