Preparing for New Wave of Treatments, Fujifilm Drops $55 Million for Gene Therapy Center

The preparations to serve biopharma’s explosion of gene therapy pipeline candidates continues.

Seven months ago Thermo Fisher put down $1.7 billion for a rising gene therapy contract manufacturer. Catalent quickly followed up with a $1.2 billion deal for gene therapy play of its own, acquiring the Maryland-based Paragon Bioservices.  And now, Fujifilm is expanding its own capabilities in the field — with the Japanese conglomerate investing $120 million into the field and building a “Gene Therapy Innovation Center” beside its recently completed base in College Station, Texas.

The new facility will cost $55 million, employ 100 people and triple the company’s gene therapy manufacturing capacity, Fujifilm said. The company did not say how the other $65 million of its gene therapy investment would be spent.

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