Nvidia’s researchers teach a robot to perform simple tasks by observing a human

From TechCrunch: Industrial robots are typically all about repeating a well-defined task over and over again. Usually, that means performing those tasks a safe distance away from the fragile humans that programmed them. More and more, however, researchers are now thinking about how robots and humans can work in close proximity to humans and even learn from them. In part, that’s what Nvidia’s new robotics lab in Seattle focuses on and the company’s research team today presented at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), in Brisbane, Australia some of its most recent work around teaching robots by observing humans.

As Dieter Fox, the senior director of robotics research at Nvidia (and a professor at the University of Washington), told me, the team wants to enable this next generation of robots that can safely work in close proximity to humans. But to do that, those robots need to be able to detect people, track their activities and learn how they can help people. That may be in a small-scale industrial setting or in somebody’s home.

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