L’Oréal Replaces Five Machines with One Smart System

In its Caudry plant in the north of France, the L’Oréal Group produces high-quality skin care products, mascaras, and foundation makeup for its Division Luxe. Faced with trends such as increasing individualization and smaller production quantities that present challenges in the growing luxury segment, the L’Oreal managing board set the strategic goal to make the company’s production operations more agile. That’s why three production lines in the plant are based on the Beckhoff eXtended Transport System (XTS). One of these lines is the new Agile F24 filling and capping line for the production of foundation makeup, a system that combines fast format changes with increased output.

Previously, the line on which these products were made consisted of multiple machines from different vendors that were connected in a conventional material flow by way of conveyor systems and product buffers. But its lack of flexibility meant that it was no longer able to support the growing bandwidth of product variants and the cost-effective production of increasingly smaller lot sizes. That’s what led to the development of the Agile F24 line, a fundamental realignment that accommodates the production of all formats while also permitting rapid changeover.

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