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Leaders & Lunch: Passing on Values to the Next Generation

On November 28, 2018, Chevy Chase Trust hosted Leaders & Lunch featuring Ellen Perry, Founder and Principal of Wealthbridge Partners, who spoke about “How to Pass on Values to the Next Generation.” Having spent more than thirty years working with families of wealth, Ellen described the differences between values and preferences, and the importance of storytelling, embracing diversity and living a life that reflects values.  She assured her audience that values are almost always successfully passed down. The key is passing them with intention.

Ellen stressed the significance of embracing diversity in the family and “pitching a big tent.” She remarked that getting curious about the differences in a family member’s preferences can eventually  lead to acceptance and stronger relationships.

During her presentation, Ellen recommended the use of Kelly Crace’s Life Values Inventory, a free values assessment tool. She suggested that family members use this assessment to gain clarity and insight into their priorities and later share the findings as part of a family discussion. This exercise often leads to a better understanding of the varied perspectives and promotes good communication, a vital aspect of successful familial relationships.

Ellen Perry is the Founder & President of Wealthbridge Partners, LLC. She has 25 years of experience serving as a strategic advisor for families of substantial wealth. Before founding Wealthbridge Partners, Ellen was the co-founder and CEO of Asset Management Advisors (now GenSpring Family Offices), a multi-client family office, and Teton Trust Company, its affiliated private trust. Ellen, the author of A Wealth of Possibilities – Navigating Family, Money and Legacy, is a frequent speaker, author and advisor on family wealth strategies that create and sustain great families throughout multiple generations. Her work and opinions have been quoted in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Fortune Magazine.