Leaders and Lunch:
A Taste of Philanthropy

On Monday, October 5, Chevy Chase Trust hosted Leaders and Lunch: A Taste of Philanthropy, a conversation with community leaders about the struggles many of our neighbors in Montgomery County are having to put food on the table. Our three panelists included Anna Hargrave, Interim Director of The Community Foundation in Montgomery County, Jackie DeCarlo, Executive Director of Manna Food Center, and Christie Balch, Executive Director Crossroads Community Food Network. Ms. Hargrave provided an overview of the Community Foundation’s work to encourage and support effective giving in the Washington metropolitan region. Ms. De Carlo described Community Food Rescue which utilizes smart technology to connect food businesses, volunteers and food assistance organizations to ensure excess food is not being thrown away. ( Ms. Balch informed us about Fresh Checks –dollar-value coupons which the market provides through private funding, that stretch the purchasing power of SNAP (Food Stamps), WIC Fruits and Vegetables Coupons (FVC), and both WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program/FMNP vouchers. ( For more information about charitable giving funds, please visit