Don’t just take our word for it.

Chevy Chase Trust ranks first on the 2015 Forbes list of Top 100 Wealth Managers

“This is a great source of pride for all the employees in our firm,” said Peter M. Welber, President & CEO of Chevy Chase Trust. “It’s affirmation that we’re doing something right by our clients. That’s our objective, being #1 is just a nice by-product.”

Describing why Chevy Chase Trust won the top spot, Welber offers several reasons. “First, we choose to manage wealth differently than most firms today. We’ve built our own investment team that constructs individual portfolios based on thematic research. Second, we augment our investment capabilities with fiduciary lawyers, financial planners and tax experts to inform our investment decisions and advise our clients. And third, we practice in a great community. Montgomery County and the D.C. region is not only a great market for what we do, but its lifestyle advantages help us recruit top talent from all over the country.”

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